How We Measure



Most of our lumber is sold using "Board Measure" (BM) except where otherwise noted.  The "Board Foot" (Bd. Ft. or BF)  is the unit of measure.  This is a measurement of Volume and each BF contains 144 cubic inches.   All measurements are based on the net measure of the rough board. Nothing is added for shrinkage. 
All of our rough lumber is in random widths and lengths.  Only the rough thickness is a constant and prices will vary from one thickness to another.  In other words, a pile of 1" thick lumber may contain boards 5" wide and wider x 6' long and longer. These minimums are determined by the grade and the mixture of sizes in any given pile will be different.  You will need to inquire for specific lengths and widths at time of ordering.

Here is the formula for calculating BF using the rough sawn dimensions of the board.

Length (feet) x Width (inches) x Thickness (inches)


All of our veneers are measured and sold by the Square Foot (SF).  The sizes vary depending on species, log size and inventory on hand.

Other Miscellaneous Items:

Some of our solid species such as D4S stock,  squares and burls are more conveniently measured and sold by the pound (lb.), lineal foot (ln. ft.), lineal inch (ln. in.) or per piece (pc. or each). These will be identified along with the price where necessary.