When selecting your order for shipment, we will select the very best that we have at the time of your order. We will also select lengths and widths that best suit your needs. Keep in mind that some woods, such as Olivewood, Yew and some varieties of Ebony are prone to defects. If the wood is not up to the standard we think that you expect, we will contact you before shipping and advise you of our concerns.


A Service normally provided free of charge to architects, designers and builders, to assist in the selection of appropriate species or substitutes for all types of applications, from furniture to architectural millwork. The information we have accumulated over the years on availability, working properties and waste factors, of the tremendous range of hardwoods and softwoods on the market today can be invaluable.


A great gift for the woodworker! We offer gift certificates of any value. If ordering by mail, send a cheque or your VISA or MasterCard number and include the receiver's name.


Complete services are available for jointing, thickness planing, ripping, resawing and gluing. See Rates Below.


On a custom basis, we do laminations for countertops, workbench tops, panels, large cross-sections, and wood carving blanks in the specie of your choice. We invite your inquiries in this area.  
Normal Shop Rates
Normal Shop Rate:$120.00/hr.
Minimum Charge: (10 min.)$25.00

Millwork Exceptions
Abrasive Material:  Abrasive Materials include but are not limited to: Anigre, Teak, Australian Walnut, low grade material
Rush:  Jobs requiring delivery to be expedited faster than the current delivery time. (Current delivery times vary  - Please inquire) 
   Exception Rate$170.00/hr.
   Minimum Charge: (10 min.)$50.00

Regretfully, we can no longer accept customers own material for jointing, planing, re-sawing or other millwork operations.


We can supply, on a custom basis, tongue and groove, ship lap, V-joint, and most standard architectural moldings in a variety of sizes and species. (Note: Due to the complexity of the machinery to do this, it is not economical to produce less than 200 Ln. Ft. of any one item.) Please inquire for prices on specific species, size, quantity and profiles.