Payments & US Pricing


Method Notes
Cash   $$$ Canadian or US Funds accepted
Money Order, Certified Cheque Canadian or US Funds accepted


Canadian Funds.  Your credit card company will convert to your local currency on your statement at an exchange rate that is current at that time.  Some Credit card companies will charge an additional processing fee which may be hidden in the exchange rate.  Check with your card provider for details. 




Canadian Funds, Shop-in-Person only
Cheques Effect June 1, 2004 Cheques are ONLY accepted from customers WITH an APPROVED CREDIT APPLICATION on file with us.  Please inquire.

U.S. Pricing

Being a Canadian Company, our base currency is Canadian Dollars($Cdn.). All Prices are shown in Canadian dollars.  Orders paid by Credit Card will be invoiced in Canadian Funds.  Your Credit Card Company will exchange to your currency on your statement.