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BANKSIA Nuts2-1/2" to 3-1/2" Dia x 6" to 8" long$0.00
BLACKWOOD, African - Offcuts, Long, Bulk1"-2”T x 2” - 6”w x 20-30"L, Bulk 30kg+$0.00
BLACKWOOD, African - Offcuts, Short, Bulk1"-2”T x 2” - 6”w x 11"L, Bulk 30kg+$3.95
BLACKWOOD, African - Offcuts, Long1"-2”T x 2” - 6”w x 20-30"L$4.95
BLACKWOOD, African - Offcuts, Short1"-2”T x 2” - 6”w x 11"L$4.95
MAPLE, Big LeafQuilted, outside slabs/live edged shorts$3.00
TAGUA NUTS - Bulk (>1 lb.)approx. 15 nuts/lb.$8.50
TAGUA NUTS (< 1 lb.)approx. 15 nuts/lb.$1.00